Letter : From As secretary of club complain that the club is not being properly run

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As secretary of a club, reply to a member who has written in to complain that the club is not being properly run and that you are not arranging sufficiently frequently function to enable members to get together.
March 31, 2014
Mr. Mehmood lqbal.
17 Jahan Alam
Dear Mr. Mehmood lqbal
Thank you very much for your letter of the 20th instant, complaining of the “acute shortage” of seating facilities at this club, and of my Failure to arrange function to enable members to get together oftener than they are now doing.
As for the seating facilities at this club, I have to point out that the club now owns 200 chairs as against 150 that it had a year ago, and that an extra room has been converted into a sitting room. I do agree with you, nevertheless, that the seating facilities here are still inadequate. But this is so because our membership has increased pretty fast during the past few months.
The attitude of some of the members is also responsible for the apparent lack of seating facilities here. They carry the tables and stairs; from the places where they should normally be, to all parts of the compound, and go away leaving them lying wherever they are. As a result, when members like you visit the club, they find all tables and chairs missing, I have repeatedly pointed out the members through circular letters, and by word of mouth, whenever possible, of the need to keep our furniture where it rightly belongs, but, I regret to say, so far my appeals have not had the desired response from the members responsible for bringing about this deplorable situation. This matter will be raised at the forthcoming general meeting, and I hope your Interest in it will get it the amount of attention it deserves.
As for your complaint that we don’t hold enough function to enable members to get together, I feel that it is not justified I agree that for the last few months we have not been holding as many functions as we held during the earlier part of the year. But I wish to point out to you that these months were the months when most of the members were involved in examination and when the demand for such get-together was naturally very-low. Nevertheless, as the list enclosed will show, we have at least five functions including a speech, a dance, and a concert, during the next fortnight, now that all examinations are over. I sincerely hope that you will find it convenient to attend all of them.
Enclosed also is a receipt for Rs. 5000, being your subscription for the past six months, Thanks.
Yours sincerely,
Au Raza,

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