English Essay on The Value of Relation in Our Lives

The Value of Relation in Our Lives

English Essay on "The Value of Relation in Our Lives"

Religion is a part of human nature and human beings cannot live without it happily and peacefully. The absence of religion in a human being can be described as lack of humanity in him. Religion is something which human nature demands. Beyond the basic human need, food, clothing and shelter. There are his spiritual need. Religion fulfils the spiritual requirements of man. It is a path fixed or appointed by the God. Those who believe in the existence of Cod, develop the qualities of brotherhood, unity, love, discipline, equality, kindness and justice.

Religion is the natural image of man. Man need religion in the same way as he requires food to feed himself and clothes to clothe himself. The human soul cannot be satisfied without religion.educationsight.blogspot.com It is only religion which helps man in solving his fundamental problems. Religion tells ways and means to seek the goodwill of God and it helps in the establishment of a balanced society.

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