English Essay on My Mother

My Mother

English Essay on "My Mother"

My first memories are bits and pieces. I remember when I was 2 we went to South America. I think my dad was in the service. We went to Lima, Peru. I remember my mom left me once and all I did was cry the whole time she was gone. We Had a maid named Beta and she taught me Spanish. I spoke better Spanish than I did English, when we returned to the US. I ended up getting very sick and we had to rush back. I was in the hospital for a while. I'm not sure how long but my mom would come visit me and she was not allowed in my room. I had pneumonia and back then they thought it was contagious. She would stand at the door and wave at me which made me cry even more. I didn't understand why my mommy couldn't be with me.

My mother loved to give hugs and I didn't like being hugged. So it was always a fight whenever she wanted to hug me. Today I wish I had been more loving to her but I didn't understand back then. My mom was usually lying down she always seemed to be sick. I found out later that she was severely depressed.educationsight.blogspot.com I was given run of the house when she and I were home. My brothers were at school. I would get into my moms purse and take change out of it. Then throw it into the street. My reasoning/? I thought the tooth fairy would get it and give me more money. I played by myself a lot and would play make believe. I would put scarves around my hair and make it look like I had long hair. Pretending I was a princess. Up until I was five I would always have mom around.

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