Some advantages of Computer

Some advantages of Computer Points : some advantages of computer Advantages of Computer Speed: A computer can process data faster than any other machine designed to perform a similar task. Repetition: A computer can tirelessly performs the same operations millions of time in exactly the same way without getting bored and tired the way, a human clerk would. Accuracy: A computer’s high speed processing is accomplished by high-accuracy result. No other system can have as much accuracy as a computer system. Logical Operation: The computer can make decision based on some conditions and takes alternative course of action accordingly. Store and Recall Information: The computer is like human brain as it can store facts, instruction and information and recall them when needed. Self Checking: The computer verifies the accuracy of its own work by mean of a parity check. Self Operating: Once the data and the program are fed into the computer’s memory, the computer is capable of executing the instruction on its own without human intervention.

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