Main Features of Third Generation of Computer

Main Features of Third Generation of Computer Points : Main Features of Third Generation of Computer (1965-1970) Main Features Major Innovation = Integrated circuit (ICs) as basic electronic component
Main Memory = PROM and DRAM
External Storage = Improve disk (Floppy disk)
Input Output devices = Keyboard for input, monitor for output
Languages = More high level languages
Operating System = Complete operating system were introduced.
Size = Mini, For example: IBM SYSTEM/360, ICFI-360, HONEY WELL-316 etc

In this generation the integrated circuits (IC) were used. An integrated circuits contains many electronic components on a single chip. The disk oriented systems were made at the end of this generation. The size of computer became very small with better performance and reliability. High level programming languages were extensively used. In 1969 the first microprocessor chip INTEL 4004 was developed but it was used only in calculators.

The faster input/output devices made possible multi-processing and multi programming. Where by a number of input terminals could be run virtually at the same time on a single centrally located computer. The famous computers were IBM-360, IBM -370, UNIVAC 9000 series etc.

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