Types of Primary Memory

Types of Primary Memory Points : What are the types of primary memory. Define each of type There are two types of primary memory. ROM (Read Only Memory) ROM is foxed or permanent memory. its permanent nature provided be manufacturer. It is a semiconductor chip programmed at the time of its manufacturer and is not programmable by the user. Stored program in ROM are called firmware or boot trapping program. ROM is non volatile memory. RAM (Random Access Memory) RAM is a memory in which each element of information has its. own address (location) and from which any element can be retrieved easily and quickly by using, address. Its can be stored and retrieve data randomly. The stored data in RAM washout when powered off, because it is volatile memory. RAM has the advantages of much better access time, higher rate and simple interfacing. Computer speed also, depends on AM size. If ram is increase processing speed also increased. RAM measure in Kilo byte, mega byte.

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