English Essay on Some Important Uses of VCR in the Modern Life

Some Important Uses of VCR in the Modern Life

English Essay on "Some Important Uses of VCR in the Modern Life"

Generally, the people know that VCE is an apparatus to exhibit video films on T.V. screen. It is a fact no doubt one can enjoy a nice film on a T.V. screen through VCR in full privacy at his or her home. This privacy can not be maintained in the cinema halls or even drive-in-cinemas. One is also at liberty to see any film he or she likes on the little screen through VCR. This is not possible in case of cinema halls where one film runs for weeks and months. School children can also enjoy cartoon films and animal world on T.V. screen through VCR’s. Wedding ceremonies, and various function, Important T.V. programms and other memorable moments of life are also recorded on video castes and shown on TV. screen through the VCR’s.

The video casettes, specially prepared for educational Purposes for imparting lessons for illustrations and demonstrations can, with the help of VCR. be exhibited to the viewers on the T.V. screen.educationsight.blogspot.com Allama lqbal Open University and Board of Intermediate Education, Karachi have prepared video casettes for educational purposes.

Allama Iqbal Open University has made a bold experiment in this context and have supplied VCR’s and T.V. sets for the various study centers where the students are deriving full benefit from these video casettes. The medical students received much knowledge through live operation films shown to them through the VCRs.

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