History and Development of Computer

History and Development of Computer Points : History and Development of Computer, Write a short story of the history and development of computers in your own words? Through out history, man has been looking constantly for ways of making calculation easier. For this purpose Chinese made a wooden frame device known as “ABACUS or “CONTINUE FRAME”. The first recognized calculating device was NAPIEIVS BONES and the slid rule was the next calculating device developed in early 13th century BLATSE PASCAL developed the first mechanical calculator in 1642 and the result could be obtained up to eight digits.
In 1671 GOTFRIED W. VON LEIBNITZ invented a better calculating device as compared to Pascal device which could only Add and Subtract, but Leibnitz’s device could multiply and do square root also.
French engineer, Joseph Marie Jacquard developed a punched card system for the power looms in 1801, HERMAN HOLLERITH for the first time used Punch card in his, machine. In 1946 JOHN VON NEUMANN brought a revolution in computer technology by introducing standard program in EDVAC (Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer).
In 1948 HOWARD H. AIKEN developed an Electro Mechanical computer named as Mark-I. This is considered to be one of the first true computers, because it could store information and instructions.
The first commercial computer “UNIVAC - 1” was developed in 1951.

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