English Essay on Friendship


English Essay on "Friendship"

Good friends are rare in this world. We have several acquaintances but a few friends. This is so because real friendship Is a complex thing made up of several things. It is rarely that we get such a combination of things in human beings. A disinterested friend is rare. Man is a social animal. He cannot live alone. He needs companions. Friend-ship is, therefore, the basis on which a society has been built up. It Is such a company which makes a man perfect.

Friendship is a wonderful experience. It is a blessing. A person without friends in n unfortunate being. He is either an unsocial or abnormal person. Friendship makes our life joyous and pleasant.educationsight.blogspot.com All of us need friends to console us when we are unhappy to cheer up when we are depressed, to help us when we are in need and to be with us when we are happy. The joys of friendship are many. With a mall set of food friends around, one feels at home in this world.

A friend less person is always lonely and sad. He cannot see much meaning in the life around him. Friendship is a spiritual relationship. The harmony we find between two friends is spiritual harmony. Happiness lies in getting to gather. A good friend is, in short, a rare possession and one must thank God if one gets a really good friend. There are quarrels even among good friends. But these quarrels not always the end of friendship. A good friend’s attitude to these quarrels is generous.

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