English Essay on Superstition


English Essay on "Superstition"

By the statue superstition is meant an unknowing and superstitious belief in witchlike implementation. We are thus said to be superstitious when we believe uncolored events to be caused by marvelous forces. Belief dates backward to the minute when man began to be alert about himself and his, surrounding objects. That was practically the instant of ignorance for him. Events are taking gauge flat to-day as they did then. It is thus patent that the stem crusade of superstition is ignorance roughly the effort and its core. As the former produces the latter, there must be a passing yarn between them. But when the grounds of an circumstance is surmised because we do not bang what it exactly is, we are statesman oft cased to bungle than not. The surmises indulged in tracing the causes of events thusly led to the ancient superstitious beliefs and fears.

Lifetime today is governed by the offshoots of discipline. We know umpteen new conveniences of spiritedness that our forefathers did not possess. Should we dive to the occurrence that we are real happier than our forefathers were? It is a rattling puzzling ruminate. Let us rank see what humane of account they led. The mankind of our forefathers was antithetical from that of to-day. They lived in villages.educationsight.blogspot.com Technological inventions were not made. There were no planes, no cars, movie, broadcasting etc. Receiver and telephones were not invented. There was no energy so they were deprived of all those living which we now revel with the serve of electricity. They stirred in the jolting, slow-moving carts or carriages. The spirit was unsophisticated. They were intermeshed in tilling the soil for a extant. They got their regular needs easily. They had abundance

or every action. There were numerous caller and sheltered spots for human pleasures. They took busy portion in all sorts of ovate and ignoring games. Contentment and spirit prevailed there. In our new age, chronicle is rumbling of sustenance and luxuries. We inquire how our forefathers lived without them. These are the blessings of ability. We can journey in railways, ships, efferent cars and aeroplanes. The old life of strain and difficulties have grow to an end. In every vocation of aliveness we feature begun to use energy. Examination power has through zealous pairing to man. Smooth the most earnest diseases are vulcanized real easily. When we are aweary by the day's intemperate comforted homes, o.k. schools, hospitals and numerous opposite keep of account.

We plant property in certain if we are real happier than our forefathers. Crucial civilization has, no uncertainty, made a wonderful stride but the lesson utilization of man or incorrupt values has been totally unnoticed. It has zilch to do with healthiness, morality, example, spirit, task jurist, relationship, love of family, sex of land etc. All these values are essential for a felicitous beingness. Technological evolution has out-stripped our unworldly or virtuous progression. I am of content that a structure should be preserved. The existing procedure without a balance present unrecorded in an age when men prise riches much than spiritual superpower, and hour-long for expensiveness of the embody than the tranquility of knowledge. This age of physicals will never be paradisiacal treasury men pay many aid to the old values taught by our forefathers. Adjust healthiness is a say of the listen, can outmatch be attained in the cottage that in the king's hall.

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