Different types of Computer languages

Different types of Computer languages Points : Different types of Computer languages, Basic Basic stands for “Beginner’s All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code”. Basic was developed at dart mouth college in 1965 by two professors john kemeny and Thomas khurtz. It is easy to learn for beginner’s level person. It also friendly language actually basic is the simple form of C-language. Cobol Cobol stands for Common Business Oriented Language. Cobol use to solve business like problems such as pay-roll, accounts, inventory control , billing etc. Created by data systems and language conference (CODASYL) in 1959. Its use commercially. Fortran Fortran stands for Formula Translator Fortran is scientific oriented language. In Fortran developed engineering, mathematical and scientific applications. Its developed by French mathematician Blase Pascal. Pascal Pascal is named after Blase Pascal. Pascal is used educational institutions all over the world. Its procedural language. In Pascal develop scientific & business applications. C-Language C-language developed by Dennis Ritche in bell laboratories 1 970s. In C-language’ develop large-scale applications, Its special feature are the efficient use of memory and fast processing speed.

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