Short Note on Super Computer, Mini Computer, Micro Computer

Short Note on Super Computer, Mini Computer, Micro Computer Points :write short note on the following short note on super computer, mini computer, micro computer essay Super Computer These are the largest and fastest machines today where numerical computations are carried out speeds of up to 50 millions operation per second. Super computers are very sophisticated machines designed to performs complex calculations at fastest speeds. Super computers are used to model very large dynamic systems, such as weather patterns national or global weather forcastin8, satellite tracking, cold-testing of atomic and nuclear weapon etc. Carry research and Intel are well known produce of super computer. Mini Computer: Mini computer are increasingly powerful and do almost any thing that large computers do, only more slowly and at much lower cost than mainframes. This makes it Ideal for small companies where capacity and speed of operations in not highly critical These computer are smaller than mainframe and larger than micro computer In size. A mini computer is a multiprocessing system having terminals attached to It and is capable of supporting 4 to 200 users simultaneously. DEC VAX and IBM AS/400 are commonly used mini-computers. Micro Computer: Micro-computer are computer that arc powered by microprocessors. Sometimes they are referred as SINGLE CHIP PROCESSOR a SYSTEM-ON-A-CHIP. Micro-computers or personal computers are the smallest computers, designed to be used by individuals for writing, illustrating, budgeting, playing games and communicating with other computers.

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