Types of Computer According their Sizes

Types of Computer According their Sizes Points : Describe the types of computer according to their sizes According to size (mean data processing capabilities) computer is classified as follows.
i. Laptop Computer
ii. Micro Computers
iii. Mini Computers
iv. Main Frame or Macro Computers
v. Super Computers
i. Laptop Computers The smallest computer in size has been developed. This type of small computers look like an office brief case and called “LAPTOP” computer. The laptops are also termed as “PORTABLE COMPUTERS’. Due to the small size and light weight, they become popular among the computer users. The businessmen found laptop very useful, during travelling and when they are far away from their desktop computers. A typical laptop computer has all the facilities available in microcomputer. The most smallest laptops are called “PALMTOP’. ii. Micro Computers Micro computers are basically very small machine, low in price, easy to operate and as they are cheaper there is not much difficulty in their maintenance. The CPU of microcomputer is also called microprocessor. They are called so because all of their components are on a single IC chip. The micro computer is commonly known as PC (Personal computer) because they are designed for personal use of individual (at home or school) or individual small business. iii. Mini Computers The more powerful than micro computer is mini computer. Mini computer are very popular in multi-user or shared system. in which many user (may be hundred) can utilized the single computer by attaching terminals to it. The mini computer may be best choice for a medium sized organization. These computers are also used for scientific and research work. iv. Main Frame OR Macro Computers A computer that generally, more than a typical mini, is now often called mainframe computer or Macro computer. Commonly main frame computer is connected with more than one CPU or multiple computers are connected with more than one CPU or multiple computer (may be thousand people connected). The system software links those computer together the mainframe allow its user to run different program at a time, in various development of organization. These computers are used mainly in all kind of large business organization, such as world wide airlines reservation system. v. Super Computers Supercomputers are the most powerful and most expansive computers. The calculation needed in scientific research and development areas cant be managed without a super computer i.e. nuclear physics research, explosions, experimental oil field, weather fore-cast, satellite controlling, space shutter launching, medicine industries and other critical areas etc.

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