English Essay on Student and Politics

Student and Politics

English Essay on "Student and Politics"

This is a burning question today whether' students should participate in politics or keep away from, it. The conservative thinkers believe against students, while the liberals feel that students are the further builders of a country. They should be given a chance to mature their talents in college life. Politics is nourished and nurtured in educational institutions. They are the cradles of modern political thought. Till yesterday, our leaders were students of students of politics. How can they oppose the principles which they uphold and fought for• in their academic career.

On one hand we say that the students are the leaders, of the future and should uphold the confidence reposed in them by elder generation. But on the other side, we expect and teach them to desist from active politics.educationsight.blogspot.com There is hardly any consonance• in the two prepositions. Students as such must take advantage of any opportunity which is forthcoming.

Every chance must be availed by them. In short politics and students cannot be separated. Indeed students are the sheet anchor of politics. Politics is program of high diplomacy and expedient maneuverings played by the parties holding opposite views regarding certain national and•• international problems. Students are the cream of any society.

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