English Essay on The Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy

The Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy

English Essay on "The Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy"

The miracles of modern science have revolutionized the world. Telephone, wireless, aero plans and ships have shrunken the world to a small province. Now man is making strides to make human life more comfortable and easy by making peaceful uses of atomic energy. He has seen the destructive uses of atomic power in the second world war. He has now realized th4tt atomic energy should be used for human humanitarian purposes.

Atomic energy is an inexhaustible source of power and is bound to effect our lives In more than one way in the near future. This kind of energy will one day replace all traditional sources of power.educationsight.blogspot.com Atomic reactors i.e. being Installed in all the progress0 advanced countries and producing cheaper and larger source of energy. By means of atomic power we shall be able to produce electricity at a cheaper rate and will supply it to our villages.

Very large vessels can safe on the oceans with atomic energy produced by a Cupful of water. The problem of drinking water is being Solved by distilling the sea-water by atomic energy. Oceans are an, in-exhaustible source of water and means of atomic energy we may one day turn our deserts into fertile lands. By force of atomic energy we may reach the other plants. The Worlds is faced with the fuel problem today but we need not fear because the peaceful uses of atomic energy will replace the Customary sources of power, It IS hoped that mankind will see an era of progress, happiness and prosperity if we use this wonder of science for peaceful purposes Instead of destroying civilization.

There can be brought about a revolution in the world of agriculture irrigation, transport communication medical science and industry if we learn to use this gift of science with wisdom.

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