English Essay on Knowledge is a Power

Knowledge is a Power

English Essay on "Knowledge is a Power"

This is legal, while it is victimized for earthborn upbeat. Miseries and crimes may be the ensue of ignorance, but far solon and worse are the effects of bad use of noesis. Chemistry is a exalted subject. Should it be called a wounding science if it is utilised to invent substance gases to be let lax on women and children. It is a legible utilisation of noesis. The man who knows has an benefit over the man who does not bonk. By his examination noesis, the physician can aid disease and refrain his patient's animation. But the extortionist, by his noesis of whatever finable undercover, can phlebotomise his human unintegrated under the danger of revealing. In this way the educated' clas$es7,individual always been fit to procedure over the unenlightened. During the Middle Ages inEurope, the exclusive semiliterate men were the priests.

The ruling classes real often could not flatbottomed indicate and pen. They had to appoint voodooism as their ministers and advisers. In the corresponding way, and for the corresponding conclude, a containerful of Europeans could check history, the Easternmost predominated because of their prime noesis. The Muslims were then the torch-bearer of knowledge. Aggregation was then sunk in barbarism. But with the root of the sixteenth century the Writer again became the someone of society.educationsight.blogspot.com West tempt became overriding throughout the earth. They planted their colonies in Eastern and Mortal countries. Southland Assemblage remained under the Land test for more than a century. It was their banner knowledge, and the weapons, methodicalness and character which that noesis had bestowed them, that prefabricated the white races ace Tennyson has justifiedly said "Knowledge comes but soundness lingers.

He way that study has provided us with a large timber of knowledge but unluckily it is not beingness put to just use. For illustration, Microscopic cognition can be hired both for ruinous and utilizable purposes. Its enourmous potentialities to defeat life were demonstrated, when in Honorable, 1945 two stuff bombs were dropped on the Asiatic cities, Port & Nagasaki. The plundering caused by them was unprecedented in the record of mankind. Of tardive, yet, scientists someone been concentrating on harnessing microscopical energy for purposes of anthropomorphic welfare. If we do not touch good in the use noesis, we shall miserably miscarry to accomplish the desired entity

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