Types of Computer Data

Types of Computer Data Points : Types of Computer Data, Numeric data, Integer, Real, String, Boolean Numeric data The data represent in the form of number is numeric data. Its contain number from 0 to 9, decimal sign , + or — sign. Numeric data divided into two types Integer and Real. Integer Integer number is whole number it does not contain fractional part (decimal point) and negative (-) numbers.(10, + 22). Real Real number also contain decimal point and can be also either positive and negative number. (.12 , -14). String The chain of characters is called string. The values of type string are character string is enclosed in single quotations mark. ‘lazy dig’
Boolean The values of type Boolean are used to specify whether statement are true or false the answer to a true of false test could be represented entirely with values of the type Boolean.
It may help to think of a boolean variable as a switch. The switch is either turned ON or OFF. Paid (boo lean) . paid =‘T’ OR paid =‘F’

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