English Essay on Preparation of Essay

Preparation of Essay

English Essay on "Preparation of Essay"

Now, to know about the preparation of essay writing, in my humble view, the very first thing from where to begin is to develop your concept of essay writing as very few people grasp it properly. Some mix essays with story writing, some with paragraph writing, and some others only tend to do articulation without appreciating as to what are they doing. Having said so, the question arises how and from where to develop the concept of essay writing?

The very first thing is to read quality essays by English authors besides comparing by putting in juxtaposition Urdu essay writing with the English essay writing. Mere reading will serve no purpose, try to trace trends and styles of essayists; examine the quality of reasoning and the over all structure of their essays.educationsight.blogspot.com Once you are done with this task which no doubt appears to be gigantic but it is not, as it needs to be done in a systematic manner.

Finally it is submitted that essay cannot be written without information but it is not all-important as the aim is not to show erudition. The aim, as I perceive, is to appreciate and delineate ideas."

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