Letter : To the editor about shortage of water supply in city

To the editor about shortage of water supply in your city
V/A, 6/35,
April 10, 2014
The Editor,
The Daily Pakistan Times,
Re : Paucity of water supply in the city.
Through these columns of your esteemed daily, I want to draw attention of the water board Authorities to the desperate position of water supply in the city.
In these days of scorching summer when water is needed the most, the water supply has dwindled considerably. In most parts of the city, people do not get a single drop water for (lays and weeks and the city appears to be another kerbia where men, women, children and even animals are kept without water. One can imagine the vexation and the piteous condition of the people of Karachi who are compelled to pay exorbitant charges for the water they do not get. Troubled, desperate and afflicted they roam from door to door begging for a pail of water and return empty handed.
Some parts of the city, which used to get water twice weekly are now-a-days given water after a week or more. And whenever the generous water board supplies water the pressure is so low that it hardly reaches the first two or three houses of the entire locality and the rest of the area remains without a single drop. The uncompassionate obdurate and inconsiderate viler board people have made our lives hellish.
For reasons best known to them, the authorities supply water to the owners of privet tankers lavishly who charge Rs 600 to 800 per tanker which a man of ordinary means cannot afford. There also exists a department to receive complaints of shortage of water from the public and to supply water to the complainants but a complainant seldom receives water from them as the water sent to him mysteriously disappears in transit. It is strange that in some areas, water is in abundance and is waste fully used, over head tanks overflow, flooding the lanes and streets but nobody cares to switch off the motors to stop wastage. But the poor people are kept water-less on the plea that water is short. They are compelled to go to far off Mohahlas to relations who have got pumps installed so that they may have a bath or wash their dirty clothes at least once or twice a month.
The water hoard usually blames KESC and claims that frequent power breakage is the cause of the shortage of water. If this is the cause, why does not the board get generator installed to get independent of KESC. “is said that if people of a mohalla pay sufficient amount to the valve man concerned they never experience shortage of water. God knows better. Will the water board Authorities fear God and take step to redress the grievances of the people of Karachi?
Yours faithfully,
Javed Abidi

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