English Essay on Causes of Failure of War

Causes of Failure of War

English Essay on "Causes of Failure of War"

War of independence of 1857 failed to achieve its immediate political objectives. Following were the causes of this failure. Lack of Leadership and Discipline: The freedom fighters fought mostly in independent groups at different places led by leaders of their particular regions. There was no leader who could single handed lead all the groups. The revolutionaries lacked discipline. Thus their efforts could not get the required momentum. There was no unity among the freedom fighters. They fought independent of one another. As a result they could not assemble their resources against a common enemy. They were defeated at different places. On the other hand the British fought the war of their survival with dedication and purpose.

The freedom fighter lacked resources of all types. They were short of equipment and food-stuffs. They had to face well equipped and well-organized enemy The Mughal Emperor had no treasury to support the war. The War of Independence never assumed the shape of a concerted national struggle.educationsight.blogspot.com It lacked popular support. Although it spread to various parts of the country yet some places did not take part in the war. The British troops fought with latest weapons. They had the backing of the latest technology. There were also led by capable and experienced generals

Non-cooperation of the rulers of the State: The rulers of different states of Indo-Pakistan did not come to help the freedom fighters. Thus the War remained confined to a few centres. The Sikhs of Punjab considered the Muslims as their traditional enemies. They decided to support the British in the War of Independence. The Sikh soldiers played a decisive role in the recovery of Delhi from the freedom fighters. Had the Sikhs not assisted the English in the war the history of Indo-Pakistan would have been different.

The British succeeded in finding traitors in the ranks of the freedom fighters. Maulvi Rajab Ali and Hakeem Ehsan Ullah blew off the royal ammunition depot at Delhi. Thus the revolutionaries suffered a great set back. The War of Crimea ended in 1856. The British troops fighting there were free to return to the sub-continent. The War of Independence started in 1857. In the beginning the Company had to depend on the few soldiers present in the country. But soon afterwards the surplus troops from Crimea poured into Indo-Pakistan. These troops were experienced and equipped with latest weapons. The balance of war tilted in favour of the English. The freedom fighters fighting without formidable resources could not avoid the inevitable defeat for long.

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