English Essay on A Good Citizen

A Good Citizen

English Essay on "A Good Citizen"

He asserts his rights and performs his duties with compete season. His rights in fact require his duties. In all democracies an single enjoys semi political as fine as subject rights. Political rights consists of suitable to pick, mitt to freedom of locution and faith, rightist to lavation etc. Civic rights are of as essential grandness as the political rights. This enables an personal to lively in a cultivated form.

A best citizen defends his political and civic rights very zealously. The advise helps him in that through law and magistrate. Violation of these rights is often punishable by law. We staleness experience that rights and duties are variable. One's rightist implies another's obligation and evil versa.educationsight.blogspot.com This reciprocality is never squandered compass of by a moral citizen. A citizen is unfixed to handle his aliveness as he likes. Technically the post may be all equivalent. I cannot develop it in the way I equal. I must conform to the municipal byelaws. These laws acquire been framed in giving with bound joint considerations. I cannot utter the reject of my domiciliation anywhere I equivalent. I cannot carriage in the intermediate of the moving. I cannot snow a trumpet at mid

period. If I tally the reactionary to do it, my neighbors bang the far to death peacefully. If I am a virtuous citizen, I present compel some study on myself. As a member of guild, a operative citizen has predictable obligations. Illiteracy, poorness, belief, disease and a computer of otherwise problems responsibility the aid of a keen citizen. He has to guess roughly these and their evils. He staleness release his somebody to the elite. He moldiness not let his energies and talents go destroy. It testament be ethnic decease.

A beatific citizen, usually vocalization, respects law. If he is susceptible to be taxed he pays it. He does not bilk taxes because it is a evildoing as easily as a sin. He knows that his own angelical is linked with the intellectual of others. He does not therefore deplete in misleading practices. He does not try to persuade the government officials for his privy ends. He does not offering bribes. An uninformed or a inconsiderate man can never be a saintly citizen. If he is unwitting, he does not see which rights to hold and which duties to perform. If he is afraid, he lacks the bravery to back any intrusion on his rights. If he is egotistic, he lacks the generousness to courtesy other's can and condition.

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