Main Features of Second Generation of Computer

Main Features of Second Generation of Computer Points : Main Features of Second Generation of Computer(1959-1964) Mein Features Major Innovation = Transistors as main component
Main Memory = RAM and ROM
External Storage = Magnetic tapes and Magnetic disk
Input Output devices = Magnetic tape, Punch card and Paper for output
Languages = Assembly language, some high level languages for Example
Operating System = Human handles punched card
Size = Main frame for example IBM-1401, NCR-300, IBM-600 ETC

The period of this generation is from 1959 to 1964. During this period transistor were used for internal logic circuits of computers. These computers could execute 200000 instructions per second. The input/output devices became much faster by the use of magnetic tape. During this period the low level programming language were used, however the high level programming languages, such as FORTRAN and COBOL were also used. The problem of heat maintenance were solved and size of computer reduced, white speed and reliability were increased. Many companies manufactured second generation computers and many of those for business applications. The most popular second generation computer was IBM-1401, introduced in 1960, while the following computers were used by many business organizations. IBM-1400 series, IBM-1600 series, UNWAC-III, NCR300 etc.

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