English Essay on Maulana Mohammad All johar

Maulana Mohammad All johar

English Essay on "Maulana Mohammad All johar"

Maulana Mohammad All johar was born in 1878 in Rampur State. His grand father Ali Buksh saved the lives of many Bruisers in Mutiny of 1857. In compensation of which he got a big Zimidari in Moradabad. His father Abdul All was called by the Nawab of Rampur, Yusuf All Khan Nazim as his attendents. Mohd Ali was the youngest among his brothers. Shaukat All and Zulfiqar All were his brothers. His father died during his childhood. His mother gave him the best education of urdu and Persian at home. The young Mohd. All was then sent to Bareilly High School Boarding House. His elder brother Shaukat All and Mir Mahfuz Ali were also in the school at that time. Mohd. All was admired by his teachers due to his intelligence and humor. M. A. 0. College of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was very popular in those days in education and career building. In this atmosphere Mohd. All in the guardian ship of his cider brother Shaukat All took admission in Aligarh College. Mohd All listened lectures in class-room, played cricket in the field and gave speeches in union.

Shauka All was an officer in opium Department when Mohd. Ali passed his B.A. from Aligarh College. The income of zamindari was not enough for the expenses of higher education of Mohd. Ali At this critical juncture Shaukat All scarified and offered his whole salary for the higher education of Mohd. Ali in England. Before starting 4or England he came to Aligarh and his friend gave him a splendid dinner. Mohd. Ali was admitted in Oxford University and studied only those subjects which were according o his inclination and safely omitted those subjects which were not according to his taste with the result that he failed in the I.C.S. examination for which he proceeded for England.educationsight.blogspot.com Shaukat Ali astonished when he read this news in the daily Pioneer but his mother gave him solace and advised to call Mohd. Ali back. He again went to England and passed honours graduate with distinction. Among English personalities Mr. Minto Mr. Mackdonald, H. G. Wells, George Burnard Shaw and Sir Mickle Adwyre wrote very high about him. Mohd. Ali again came back to India and started an English daily “Comred” which gained a very good reputation. Syed Suleman Nadvi, Premhand, Maulana Hall, Abut Kalam Azad, Abdul Majid Daryabadi, jawahcrial Nehro and Mr. Ghandhi admitted his extra ordinary calibre and capabilities admired his activities in political field. Mohd. Ali was invited by Soviet Russia as a state guest of honor at 10th knavery of Soviet Union. Mohd. All jumped in the field of politics of India and began to solve every political and religious problem in India. He went to Makka Moazma to take part in Moa tamer Conference. He tried there to remained King lbne-Saud of his promises to give up the title of king-ship and at last in his thundering speech in Moatamer he abuse King Saud of his activities like “Kaiser and Kisra”.

He attended Gool Maiz Conference and gave a very thrilling speech which was remembered in the history of India. He also started an Urdu daily “Hamdard” and took part in every movement of the country. He went to Bombay for his treatment of Dubieties and was admitted in the hospital Doctor advised him for completes rest but he used to give interviews to the reporters and dictate statements for the news papers. In 1928 he again went to Europe for his treatment and also stayed in England. He used to call his prayers in the visitors gallery of Indian parliament and in the jail of Karachi regularly. Maulana Mohd. Ali sponsored the Khilafat Movement” and established many Khilafat committees all over India.

Once h had a warm discussion with the Quaid-e-Azam in a Muslim mission at Bombay held under the president ship of Sir Raza Ali There was a time when he was sentenced for five years, “Hamdard” and “Comred” were banned and the poor Maulana had no other source of income. After five years hardship when he was offered a necklace of one thousand gold Molass which be sold for 27 thousand rupees and gave it to Khilafat fund. For the last time Mohd . Mi was invited in Gool Maiz Conference by the Viceroy of India lord lrwin who sent his personal surgeon for his treatment. He was brought on Viceroy of India‘s ship on the stretcher for journey to England. He died in London and his b’ was carried to Jerusalem for burral.

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