Types of Computers

Types of Computers Points : Define Types of Computers There are three types of computers.
i. Digital Computers
ii. Analog Computers
iii. Hybrid Computers
i. Digital Computers Digital computer represent physical quantities with the help of digits or numbers. These numbers are used to perform Arithmetic calculations and also make logical decision to reach a conclusion, depending on, the data they receive from the user. All the personal computers belong to this category. Digital computers can be classified into three groups. ii. Analog Computers Analog computers deal with continuously varying physical quantities such as current, voltage, pressure, temperature etc. They are mainly used for simulating or monitoring and controlling continuous process in industry or scientific research. The accuracy of data used in Analog computer is directly related to the precision of its measurements. iii. Hybrid Computers The hybrid computers combine the characteristics and advantages of both digital and analog computers. They have the speed of analog computers and the accuracy of digital computers and being equipped with special conversion devices, it utilizes both analog and discrete representation of data. For example, speed of Analog computers and memory and accuracy of digital computers.

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