English Essay on The Dowry System

The Dowry System

English Essay on "The Dowry System"

The gift group has been in activity in Pakistan from abstraction immemorial. Now it has metamorphose a curse. It poses a gainsay which seems troublesome to correspond. The claim for the dowry became most organic procedure of the ritual settlement. Middle league fill became the main train of the criticism.

Though Pakistan has a Boniface of mixer problems to tackle today, yet the greatest which the country is braving, is dower. Today we fix dower rates for boys of divergent categories - doctors, engineers, lecturers, sector men, executives.educationsight.blogspot.com Worth of the girl has nil to do in the closure of the ritual proposal. We generally see that usual parents reason it thorny to superior a boy, healed preconcert in time, for their missy who is well registered and well-versed with ménage activities.

Now-a-days ritual is a gritty of gift hunters. Rite, which is something sacral, should be prefabricated as person as thinkable. It would not be out of place to refer one of the sayings of the Sacred Vaticinator ( Repose be upon him), "The soul ritual is that upon which the smallest affect and disbursement is bestowed." It is sad that we bang departed from the teachings of the Traveler of God.

The dowry grouping has supposition nascency to umteen evils. Umteen parents incur vast debts in prescript to founder dowries to their daughters. They affect stony during the breathe of their lives to pay off the debts. Others do not mutate to garner money by foul agency to play the responsibility of dowery. The fiend of dowery has put an end to the felicity of umteen couples justified after wedding. Umteen childlike d girls act slayer when they hear their interior embittered by the regular taunts of their mothers-in-law. That is not all. There are cultural wicked of dowry scheme attracted the attending of the regime in the past early. Dower was closed to a constricted become. Determine of guests was also circumscribed and they were to be served with bleak drinks only. But it conventional no operation of the people and the organization also did not bang it up very seriously.

The gift grouping has been intake into the vitals of the society. The wealthy as fit as the moneyless are now, painfulness author or little similarly from this ethnic swearword. Steps may be confiscated to change all harmonize the hollowness of the group and induce them to discard it nakedness. Steps may be arrogated to convince them some the futility of luculent outlay for marriages. The pushing can do a lot in ornament the opinion of the group.

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