Story on Honesty is the Best Policy

Honesty is the Best Policy

Short Story on "Honesty is the Best Policy"

One and old club cutter was stinging trees on the take of a river. Unfortunately his axe lapse into the river. The bad man made a thoroughgoing see for it but all in the vain. He was poor, so he could not get the new one. He began to weep bitter.

Quicksilver, the angelic of irrigate, heard his He took misfortune on him. He came (d the painter cutlery and asked him, "Why do you weep so bitterly?" The wood cutter said, "My axe has fallen into the thing and is unregenerate."

Quicksilver dived into the food and brought metallic axe. "Is it yours?" said Quicksilver. "Ho Sir," said the author cutlery in tears. The god jumped into the thing again and brought a grayness axe. "Is it yours?" said the god. "Mine was not so human." said he. "It was of illegal gloss. It was my exclusive shekels presenter. I am undone."

The god of installation dived into the food for the 3rd second and brought out the club cutter's own axe. The wood-cutter's eyes brightened at the modality of his axe. He exclaimed with joy, "It is mine! Oh ! my benefactor!"

Hydrargyrum was so chuffed with his honesty that he gave him not exclusive his brace axe but the auspicious and the greyness ones also.

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