Application : To the secretary of town-committee conditions of locality

Joint application to the secretary of your town-committee regarding the insanitary conditions of your locality
The secretary,
The Municipal Committee,
April 11, 2014
With due respect we the residents of the New Park, beg to bring the following facts of the Park for your favorable consideration.
This is the most neglected and dirty locality of your town. We duly pay all the Municipal Taxes but fail to understand the step-motherly treatment of the Municipal authorities. The drains and the streets are rarely cleaned. One can notice the heaps of filth lying everywhere in the streets. The dogs and hens are another nuisance who spread diseases and scatter the heaps of rubbish. The mosquitoes and flies are in abundance with the result that most of the people are nowadays suffering from malaria and other diseases.
We request you to kindly pay a visit to this Mohallah and inspect the state of affairs yourself and take immediate steps to redress the grievances of the residents of this area.
Thanking you in anticipation for this act of kindness.
Your most obedient servants

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