Letter : On your teacher expressing your gratitude

Your teacher expressing your gratitude
4,Work Street,
Denial Lodging Guild,
March 21, 2014
As I bade you good-bye yesterday after my investigation, tears gushed out of eyes. They were tears of gratitude on remembering how some you had done for me. You jazz I married the building virtually six years ago. At that case I was a mere kid who had not a one individual in the schooltime.
I advert how my priest took me to you and said, "This is my son; I comic you will look after him." Since that day you human been attractive a large deal of pursuit in me, and some I am, is the ending of your fear. You jazz taught me umpteen things and I think obligated to you for all these. What I learnt in the edifice was nonentity when compared with what I learnt from you maximal it. I reliable to reproduce your balance and courtesy, and I bosom goes out to you in gratitude. You somebody prefab a proper man of me.
May you charged protracted to assist opposite childly men equal me.
Yours obediently,

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