Letter : From Peshawar to your friend at Lahore describing important features of Pathans

Personal and Private Letter
From Peshawar to your friend at Lahore describing important features of Pathans
3, Kashmir Hotel,
Yadgar Chowk,
March 30, 2014
My dear Asif,
I hope this letter of mine will find you in best of your health.
I reached Peshawar safe and sound or the morning of the 2 instant and have been busy in my work since then. I hope to complete my work within a week and then I shall proceed to Murree to enjoy the rainy season there.
I would like to tell you something about the people of Peshawar and its surroundings. My elder brother is an Inspector of Customs and Intelligence and so I had a chance to see the historical Khyber Pass and other aspects of the people. I also had the honour of staying as a guest with a Pathan Chief.
Most of the people are Muslims. They speak Pushto but they can easily speak and understand Urdu. The educated people can understand English as well. The people are simple but highly intelligent, brave and hospitable. They feel great pleasure in serving and entertaining their guests. Their life is simple and natural, far from vanity and artificiality, They are frank and straight forward and do not like hypocrisy.
Their life and surroundings have made them dauntless and hardworking people. Every Pathan is a good marksman and knows how to shoot successfully with rifle and pistol. The people are generally very religious and love Islam. They love Pakistan and are always ready even to lay down their lives for Pakistan.
Peshawar is a very beautiful and ancient city. The mosques are especially very beautiful. The Peshawar University and other modern buildings and Government offices are indeed the places worth seeing. Wherever I went I had my camera with me and I promise to give you some interesting photographs.
How is your younger brother? When you came to see me off at the railway station you told me that he was ill. How is life at Lahore ? Must be busy as usual! My compliments to all the members of your family.
With best wishes.
I am,
Your most sincere friend,

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