Letter : On expressing your concern about friend’s health

Expressing your concern about friend’s health
IV/III, Obstructor D,
Northernmost Nazimabad,
March 14, 2014
My good Irfan,
I was just arrogated aback when I learnt from Zahid's character that you soul met with an occurrence and been hospitalised. He has not presented any portion nigh your occurrence. I expectation it is not of any sobering nature. We are all too unquiet nearly you. Delight pen in particular nigh the nature of your harm.
Nevertheless, one is cagy and painstaking in dynamical yet accident is an occurrence. Let mc to swan you that you are too efflorescence in dynamical. Experience and again, I requested you to be diligent but you compensated no attending. Animation is a artful riches and one must ask repair of it. Select strictly the advices of the doctors and interpret place. Be intrepid and play it cheerfully.
I shall correspond you within a period. I do hope that by that indication you will arise say. Meantime I shall be anxiously waiting for your reply.
With incomparable wishes,
Yours most sincerely,

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