English Essay on Economic Causes of the War

English Essay on Economic Causes of the War

English Essay on "Economic Causes of the War"

Economic Causes of the War

New agrarian policy of the British, destruction of local industry, permanent settlement, large scale unemployment, monopoly of trade by the English and the Stamp Act were some important economic causes of the war. The new agrarian policy of the Government shook the foundations of the village communities. The Zamindars were asked to provide documentary proof of their holdings; otherwise, they were deprived of their lands. The rate of taxes on the lands was increased burdening the Zamindars and the cultivators. These steps alienated the majority of the working class from the Government. This class was in the front rank when the war of Independence broke out in 1857.

to Industrial Revolution of England cheaper and superior goods flowed into the markets of the Sub-continent. The local industry could not compete with the imported stuff and suffered badly. Millions of people were left jobless. This resulted in frustration among the lower classes. Permanent Settlement: The after effects of the permanent settlement of land were very disastrous for the landowners.
educationsight.blogspot.com It had fixed the income of the Government but had put the Zamindar under a lot of pressure. They had to deposit regularly a fixed amount which was not always possible. The defaulters were very often degraded and subjected to oppression by the collectors. These acts created a lot of bitterness and discontent among the peasants.

The British did not trust the Indians. As a result they were not appointed on important jobs and high posts. This policy resulted in unemployment for the educated classes. The policy of annexation to the British Empire also left thousands of people jobless. Domination of trade by the English: The British facilitated their trade in Indo-Pakistan. Many seaports were declared fee ports and custom duty on imported goods was withdrawn. These steps ruined the local industry. Imported goods flooded local markets that were cheaper and superior in quality. Consequently the local working class became distressed.

The English Government declared court fee compulsory to be paid in the form of court stamps. Thus the people were denied the right of free justice. The general public greatly resented this action.

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