English Essay on Military Causes

English Essay on Military Causes

English Essay on "Military Causes"

Military Causes

Disbanded armies of annexed states: The Company annexed many states to the British Empire under ‘Doctrine of Lapse’ and misgovernment. The British disbanded the armies of the annexed states resulting in thousands of unemployed local soldiers. Consequently a number of families were rendered economically distressed. These policies created a class which wanted to get rid of the British rule.

In the middle of the 19th century most of the British troops were stationed in Punjab where they wee deployed during and after the conquest of Punjab. Similarly the Crimean War had ended in 1856 but the English troops had not returned yet.educationsight.blogspot.com Eventually the number of troops in Bengal and central parts of the country was very small but the ratio of the Indian troops had increased in the Company Army which tilted the balance in favor of the natives and they were encouraged to launch the War of Independence.

The use of greased cartridges proved as the immediate cause of the war. It was rumored that the cartridges were greased with the fat of the cow or pig. This situation agitated the religious feeling of both the Muslim and Hindu soldiers and created widespread discontent among the native soldiers. Keeping with their religious beliefs they refused to use these cartridges.

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