English Essay on Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

English Essay on Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

English Essay on "Sir Syed Ahmad Khan"

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

War of Independency in 1857 nigh the Muslims in a commonwealth of logy condition. The upcoming of Muslims looked extremely hopeless. The conditions of the Muslims from the political, ethnical, educational and interfaith part of examine were at the worst ebb. Sir Syed could not put up with this contemptible conditions of his Muslim brethren. He stood up to perform them". Sir Syed whose genuine identify was Saeed Ahmad Khan was hatched at Delhion 17th October, 1817, in a well-to-do ménage of Delhi. Sir Syed's home was related with the Mughal brass as well as the Orient Bharat Reserves. At the age of eighteen, Sir Syed entered the juridic run of the East India Society. He became a Sub-Judge of Bijnore in 1857. But this retainer of Island imperialism was a disloyal in his own way, a honest worker of the Muslims of the Subcontinent.

Sir Syed really sagely realized that it would not be realistic to push the Island out by make. They love come to slip. So he adoptive a propitiate policy from the very beginning of his political job.educationsight.blogspot.com He made unexcelled efforts to make an ambiance of mutual knowing between the Brits Polity and the Muslims. In this fondness he wrote several books specified as "The Causes of the Asiatic Revolt", "The Royal Mohammadans of India" etc.

In the commencement, Sir Syed was a unswerving exponent of Hindu-Muslim unity. But the Hindi-Urdu contention started at Benaras in 1867 brought a travel in his governmental mentation. He was so severely discomfited by the opinionative noesis of the Hindus that he considered the Muslims of the Subcontinent not to connection the Indian Domestic Congress. He strongly believed that the Hindus and the Muslims were two seperate nations. His ideas brought nearly great semipolitical awakening among the Muslims.

The largest coupling Sir Syed Ahmad Khan rendered to the Islamist territory was in the theater of education. With this aim he started the Aligarh Motility. He unsealed schools and implanted technological societies and version bureaus for the rendering of English books into Urdu. He supported M.A.O. College at Aligarh which ultimately became the Monotheism Lincoln of Aligarh. The Aligarh Muslim Lincoln served as "a nursery of leaders" who after on championed the drive of the Muslims. Whatever of the body of the Aligarh Defecation supported the Islamic League and it is the Islamist League which has achieved Pakistan.

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was a large Monotheism cheater. The portrayal and effort of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan cleanse him in a impressive fluorescent of rarified beauty and greatness.

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