English Essay on The Advent of the 15th Century Hijri

English Essay on The Advent of the 15th Century Hijri

English Essay on "The Advent of the 15th Century Hijri"

The Advent of the 15th Century Hijri

The Advent of the 15th Century Hijri Advent of the 15th Century Hijra is a rattling measurable event in the chronicle of Monotheism 1400 geezer hood ago the Holy Prophet. Hazart Mohammad (tranquility be upon him) migrated fromMeccatoMedina. The Hijrat scarred not only Use commencement of the honor of Faith, but also opened the most redoubtable chapter of world record. Within a few age the Beatified Diviner (Pacification be upon him) created an paragon gild, cloth united on the supposal of hump and status. The soft of disposal, tranquility and organisation that he lit In Arabia condiment out and lit within a century the uncast rated extent from Spain to Central historical 1400 age two facts support out prominently. As far as the Muslims continuing to throw unwaveringly Use ropes of God, remained incorporate and worked stiff they were holy with success in every move of being. The grouping matte the Alter of Khalid Bin Waild, Mahound Bin Qasim and Tanq Bin Ziyad in the facility of sentiment.

The Muslims also recognized their superiority in the tract of knowledge. The appoint of famous philosophers, historians and men of letters same lbn-e-Khaldun, Razi desiccated Khayyam strike cue us of that age.educationsight.blogspot.com As conflicting to this when the Muslims adoptive a experience of succour and luxury and strayed from the line of research, failure and status became their lot. So, it is require of the hour that the Muslims moldiness rekindle among themselves the selfsame feeling of explore and interrogation which had dignified them in every land in the yore.

The 15th Century Hijra began on Monthly, Nov.10. 1980. On this important time the President ship Zia ul Haq addressed the dry roughly one and a prevent hour after the penultimate hour of the 14th century Hijra. Addressing the commonwealth on tuner and broadcasting networks to enter the source of the 15th Hijra Century, the Chairperson urged the fill to act a pledge to expend every moment of their living in submission to God and Religionist Muhammad (Treaty be upon him) as align Sawyer and piddle the new century a century of the beauty of Islam. He explained the substance of the Event of Hallowed Oracle Mohammad's Hijrat from Mecca to Medina in the chronicle of Faith and also crosspiece almost the periods of the slip of the Muslims in the class.

He announced the Asylum of a "Hijra Award', valuing Rs.10 lakh, on the itinerary of Chemist Honour. This apportion would be conferred on a organism who will accomplish spectacular or tremendous maintenance to the effort of Pakistan and entire mankind. In Pakistan the first day of the 15th century was observed with due fervor and feeling. On this historic reason the country offered Zu1r prayers is congregations in mosques throughout the country. "Nafle-shukrana" and unscheduled prayers for the earth accord, solidarity desiccate state of Pakistan, precaution, unity and welfare of the Islamic earth, liberation of Al-Quds, engaged Arabian orbit, Kashmirand added Muhammed an occupied territories, were also offered.

Newspapers brought out unscheduled supplements to swollen phosphorescent the significance of the new Hijra century. Radio Pakistan broadcast special bulletins and PTV send specific programs to deutschmark the message of the occurrence. The Arrival of the 15th Hire Century was a great past circumstance. All the Muslims pledged on this splendid time to fungus their lives in giving with the teachings of the Beatified Quran and Hadith. We prayed to God Almighty for the tranquility and prosperity of the Monotheism Mankind and for His long control of mankind.

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