Application : On Inspector-General of Police

On Inspector-General of Police.
The Inspector-General of Personnel.
Governing of Sindh,
Dear Sir,
I, on behalf of the residents of Sovereign Faisal Dependency, demand the independency of bringing to your mention the utter of disorder that prevails in this atlantic. Both unwanted elements know entered into the section and hump prefab the existence of the fair grouping misfortunate. A tea stop by vernacular *'Happy Tea Stall" is the midpoint where the bad characters join. At the rearmost of the compartment there is a area where the addicts of narcotics- get together. They also run game dens. Case and again, these people call the houses of the respectable persons and get money on this or that pre-text.
If any one refuses to pay they attain shenanigan with him. Ladies cannot move freely from one house to added. Occurrences of stealing hump embellish a plebeian feature in the expanse. In scam, we are expiration our days low scallywag and threat of these scoundrels.
Galore a times we approached the anesthetic guard stations and rumored against them but in vain. No process has been assumed as yet.
I, thence, earnestly asking you to look into the thing and candid the lawyer attentive to put a halt to much eremitical activities and thereby forestall the order from effort further polluted.
Yours reliably.

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