Application : For the Headmaster/Headmistress of your school to start sports activities at your school

Sports Activities at School
Examination Hall,
April 11, 2014
The Headmaster,
XYZ School,
April 29, 2014
Sports play an important part in grooming students. Sports promote discipline, competition and health. Our school does not care for sports. Students value sports a lot. They like to play different games at school. Students love those schools where they are provided with opportunities to play games. There are periods for games. Our school should learn the saying, “All work, no play makes Jack a dull boy.”
There are many schools that have many teams of different sports. They take part in interschool tournament and championship. We, therefore, request you to start sports activities at our school. It will be very good for the students. Thanks.
Yours Obediently,
Mehvish Jaleel,

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