Application : To Inspector-General of Police

To Inspector-General of Police
I most respectfully beg to hold for human as Sub-Inspector of Personnel. As regards my qualifications I beg to commonwealth as beneath:
I soul passed my B.A. testing in the 2nd conference from theUniversity ofKarachi. I am an contestant and somebody been policeman of the college cricket squad for two eld. I was also a member of the prototypical hockey eleven of my college. I am twenty one life of age with a charming personality.
I get of a good folk, some members of which jazz served prolonged in the Police Section. My motherlike uncle is an Inspector of Guard, time my grand root served for umteen age as a D.S.P. Some of my cousins are also working in the Law Section.
Copies of testimonials from the financier of my college are besieged herewith. They all carry testimonial to my personal and moral fitness for the job and impart that an hyperactive alfresco existence of chief domain would accommodate me such.
Hoping that my utilisation faculty incur convenient fee at your guardianship.
Your most duteous worker

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