Letter : Advise to change decision and continue studies

Advise to change decision and continue studies
10/A Rafa-e-Am Society,
Malir, Karachi.
April 20, 2014
My dear Tanveer,
The other day I happened to meet Qamar and I was very shocked to learn from him that you have decided to give up your studies. I do not find any earthly reason for your this hasty and unwise decision. Your father is a well-to-do man and he can easily bear the expenses of your education.
Dear Tanveer, it is an age of competition. You may not feel now but I assure you that you will repent at the later stage of life. Education is a great blessing. It makes a man perfect. I know how a good student you are. I simply wonder what made you to take such a decision. Please do not ruin your future. I would advise you to continue your studies for your own well-being.
With best wishes,
Yours most sincerely,

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