Letter : To the friend invited you apologizing and explaining

Buisness Letter
You are unable to keep an appointment to attend a dinner party. To the friend who invited you, apologizing and explaining the circumstances preventing from being present at the party.
G.T Road,
April 01, 2014
Dear Rashid,
Only a few days ago. I wrote to you informing you that I should be present at your dinner party, and help you in preparations for it. I regret to inform you now that I shall not be able to keep the appointment.
You know that an aunt or mine has been studying Medicine, in Lahore, for nearly seven years. A few months ago, she wrote home expressing a wish to return home and start her own practice here She had set next April as the likely date of her return. We had all forgotten of her return, as April was still far off, when she cabled home yesterday that she was flying in, in the evening of the 16m instant, the day when your own party is scheduled to the held, and the plane carrying her home is expected to land within minutes of the start of your party.
As I am only one of her nephews with whom she has been in correspondence, the other of my brothers, sisters, arid cousins, being very small when she left for Lahore, I feel that it would be the most unbecoming on my part to be absent from the reception to be given her at the Airport arid, later, at home The whole of the day of her arrival (and of your party) will be taken up by preparations to receive Flowers and garlands will have to be bought A few close relatives who are not over the phone will have to be personally Informed, or reminded, of her arrival, and even taken to the Airport to receive her. So it will not be possible for me to visit you at any time that day.
Apart from my natural diffidence of being absent from home on the day of my aunt’s return form Lahore, there are many other things forcing me to stay at home and miss your party. One of these is the illness of ourx family chauffeur, Mukhtar. He has been in poor health for the past few months.
Last evening, his ailment took a sudden turn for the worse, and he had to be admitted to hospital It being impossible to find another chauffeur at such a short notice, I shall have to take place of Mukhtar.
May I, therefore, hope that you will excuse me from being present at your dinner party? I enclose a ‘Sheaffer’ pen as my present on the occasion, and send you my heartiest congratulations on, and sincere wishes for many happy returns of, the day.
If possible, drop in on the 17m, when I shall introduce you to my aunt. Convey my best regards to your parents, and remember me to all our common friends present at the party telling them, of course. Why I am unable to be with you all.
Yours sincerely,
Bilal lkhlaq

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