Letter : To a friend who has invited you to attend his birthday party

Buisness Letter
Letter to a friend who has invited you to attend his birthday party, accepting the invitation and expressing willingness to help in preparations for the party.
212, Railway Road,
April 01, 2014
Dear Aftab,
Thank you very much for your invitation to your birthday party. Of course. I shall be present.
It has been a quite a while since all our common friends met both of us together- I think the last time this happened was five years ago when all of you came to see me off, en route to Lahore. Even since I returned from Lahore I have been too busy to renew all the old contacts, or to make new ones, Your birthday party is, therefore, a God-sent boon to me; it will give me a much sought-after opportunity to meet all of you, under one roof at the same time, The other day I met Mr. Khalid, our common friend of the primary school days. He walked up to me with a broad smile and a hand extended for a big shake. I did shake his hand, but failed to return his smile or respond to the warmth of his handshake. He guessed that I had not recognized him, and introduced himself. We had a really hearty laugh at the incident. So I am afraid you wiU have to point out many of the guests to me, in advance, lest I should confuse them with one another.
Your party promises to be a great occasion, indeed. The long spell of games and dancing after the sumptuous dinner that you are giving will be remembered for a long time to come. I am glad too, that your brother, who has recently returned from Islamabad, will contribute some new games. If time permits. I shall also contribute some items. I have heard much in praise of your uncle as a master of ceremonies, and his willingness to officiate at the party will, I am sure, add to its grandeur.
During my long absence from his country, I seldom had a chance to cook, and I have in fact, forgotten much of the cooking I knew when I left for Lahore, All the same, I shall help n cooking whatever dishes I can. I will be with you as early as possible in the morning of the 2O’, and accompany you to market. If you can got enough people to help with the cutting and peeling of vegetables, it will not take very long to cook them.
My parents, brother, and sisters send you their congratulations in advance, and have promised to confirm these with a handsome gift. Which I shall bring with me, In spite of your warning that no gifts shall be accepted.
Your sincere friend,

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