Letter : To a newspaper about inefficiency of Telephone Department

To a newspaper about inefficiency of Telephone Department
60 Kehkashan,
April 12, 2014
The Editor,
The Daily News,
Re : Inefficiency of Telephone Department
Through these columns of your esteemed newspaper I want to draw the attention of the authorities to the inefficiency of the telephone department It is an uphill task to get a complaint registered as the complaint clerk frequently puts the receiver on the table and as such his phone is always found engaged. One has to (Hal for hours to get one’s complaint registered. The complaint, too, is not attended to promptly but, sometimes it takes days to remove the defect.
My neighbour is a very prudent person and always pays bills promptly. A few month ago, his telephone was disconnected for non payment of bills of the last two months while he had paid them within due dates.
Another problem is to get the inquiry number. The number is always found engaged because the enquiry clerk always puts the receiver on the table. Will the authorities in the telephone department look into the matter and improve the situation ?
Yours faithfully,
Samar Haider

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