Letter : To your father asking him for a watch your birth day present

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Letter to your father asking him for a watch your birth day present
23. Arif Bazar,
April 01, 2014
Dear Father,
Thank you very much for your letter You appear to be very much worried about us al. We are all safe and sound and you should not feel concerned about us. We all hope however, that you wilt finish your job in Rawalpindi by the end of next month, and that you win return home immediately after that.
Father, when I stood first in my class at the grading test held in November, last year. you promised to buy a handsome present of my own choice for my next birthday. As you know, my birthday falls on the 28” instant.
For the past few years my friends and classmates have. every flow and then, remarked on my not having a watch. This, I think, reflects on our family after all, we are not a poor family.
I have often been late to school you might have heard how strict our Headmaster is, but I know this to my own cost, for whenever I have been late, I have found him at the school gate, as if waiting 104 me. After a few warnings, which did not correct me, he has caned me every time I have been late.
Partly for fear of pain, and partly to avoid being put to shame, I now leave home as early as possible, and am often the first boy to reach school in the morning. I regret that the Headmaster is not there at the gate to see that his cane has realty worked wonders with me, and that instead of being late.
I now reach school tong before time. But I am losing much time that I might spend usefully, revising my lessons at home. or helping my mother.
So it you could buy me a watch, you would save me not only from being subjected to pain and humiliation at the hands of the Headmaster, but also from wasting my precious time.
I don’t like to suggest the make or brand of the watch I want, nor am I interested in how much it should cost. You must have set apart some amount of money for the gift; please let the watch cost within that amount. All watches are good for me so long as they keep correct time. Besides. I am certain that my dear Dad will buy only the best for me Mother, and we, your children, sends you our love and respects.
Your affectionate son,
Rehman Ali.

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