Letter : To brother at Lahore letting of the various problems are facing in Karachi

To your brother at Lahore letting him of the various problems you are facing in Karachi
17 Lane Saddar,
April 24, 2014
My Dear Brother,
Your kind letter is just at hand. You have asked me to let you know about my impression about Karachi.
My impression of Karachi is a mixed feeling of good and bad. We find many things which are not available at Lahore, and we do not again find many things which are available at Lahore. Karachi is a very big city without an end.
Transport is a big problem. I should call a person fortunate one who has his own transport. Of course, buses run in every nook and corner of the city but to get a place in the bus is a big job. It is a highly commercialized city with all its associated evils.
People here are always busy. Craze for earning money has turned people mad. They have no time to stand and stare at the beauties of nature. It is very difficult to keep social contacts with each other. Community life is badly missing here. All are for their own selves. But life goes on tolerably well for those who are used to it.
Please convey my best regards to mother.
Yours affectionately

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