Letter : To editor of a newspaper unsatisfactory sanitary condition

To the editor of a newspaper about the unsatisfactory sanitary condition of your area
B-285, sector 11 A,
New Karachi.
April 03, 2014
The Editor,
The ‘Daily News’.
Board used to supply water at 4 PM on alternate day. At first the time began to change and now-a-days the water is supplied late after midnight.
Then they began to supply water every third day. Now-a-days “we get water every fourth or fifth day but the gap may extend to a weak or more.
The main pipe line is too low and the pressure is in-adequate. The result is that in spite of the generosity of Water Board to supply water once or twice a week for one hour, the water usually fails to reach our tanks. In every house, a person is allotted the duty of keeping himself awoken after midnight and see if the generosity of Water Board is pouring (town OH the area and to turn the switch of the pump on ,to get some water. Believe me the first question everybody asks in the morning is, “Did we have water last night” and the answer is generally in negative.
One may imagine our lot without water. The male members go to relatives in other areas to get a bath. We spend water as if it is as precious as gold. It is hardly sufficient for cooking purpose. Now can it be used for other purposes? To buy water frequently is not possible as it costs Rs. 6fl0 to 800 per tanker.
I request the Water Board Authorities to look into the matter and take appropriate steps to supply adequate water to this area.
Yours faithfully,
Naghma Haider

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