Letter : To remind of his promise and ask for a present

Buisness Letter
Your lather promised to give you a present it you did well at the last term test. You have stood first in your form; remind him of his promise and ask him for a present.
The Boarding House,
April 01, 2014
Dear Daddy,
When you were on leave here last April, you promised that if I passed the Mid-year examination, with Grade I to my credit, you would give me a Parker61’ fountain pen.
I am glad to inform you now that I have not only passed the June Test. In grade I . but stood first in my whole class. I have scored 100 marks in Mathematics. 65 in History, 93 in Geography, 98 in the National Language. 90 in Arts, 85 in General Sciences and 80 in English literature. My teacher brought my achievement to the Headmaster notice. The latter called me to his office, pressed me for the hard work that I had put in. and advised me to keep it up I felt embarrassed as the Headmaster praised me. because I knew that I had not worked hard for the sake of standing first, but in order to win the pen you had promised to gave But now that I have achieved such a grand success as I have, I shall always be able to work hard for the success that hard work brings. Your promise of a pen has opened my eyes to what I could have achieved long ago Thank you ever so much.
Dad May I now request you to let m have the promised pen, at your earliest If you find it inconvenient to send a pen by post, let me have the necessary amount to buy one here. It should cost the same amount here, as it does there in Lahore.
Yours affectionately,
Iqbal Sheakh.

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