Letter : To the Chairman Municipal Corporation complaing against the unhygienic / bad sanitary condition of locality

The unhygienic condition of XY locality.
Examination Hall,
April 28, 2014
The Chairman,
Municipal Corporation,
Through the column of your esteemed paper, I want to draw the attention of the Chairman of Municipal Corporation towards the unhygienic condition in XY locality.
The dwellers of XY locality are confronted with many a problem for a long time. One of them is unhygienic condition. Firstly, improper sewerage system and dirty water with stinky smell make it impossible to breathe. As a result, many diseases spread in the locality. Secondly, heaps of refuse are lying everywhere. Insects make their colonies there and cause dangerous diseases. Presently, many diseases have broken out in our locality. They cause great damage.
In this respect, I would like to put forward some suggestions. Firstly, the present sewerage pipes should be replaced with the pipes having the capacity of carrying the whole waste-water of such a large locality. Secondly, people throw waste material into the streets because they find no proper place. So there should be proper places for the waste material to be thrown there. There is no prpper arrangement of cleanliness. The sweepers of Municipal Corporation do not perform their duties with punctuality, regularity and honesty. Above all, the awareness about cleanliness should be created among the people through media.
I hope the authorities would look into the matter and take strict action to solve this long awaited problem.
Yours faithfully,

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