Letter : To the Editor Highlighting the scarcity of drinking water

To the Editor Highlighting the scarcity of drinking water
Fasih Ahmed,
54, New Karachi,
April 18, 2014
The Editor,
The Dawn,
Through the columns of your newspaper wish to draw the attention of the City District Govt. of Karachi to the scarcity of drinking water in our colony. The problem becomes severe in the summer season but this summer, it as become very acute. A lot of water is needed in every household in such season. But for the last two months the residents of our colony have been facing great scarcity. We get water supply only for one hour in the morning. This is not sufficient to meet the needs of even a moderate sized family. During this hour of water supply also, the pressure of water is so low that it does not reach even the first floor of a house.
Thus, people are having a tough time during this summer. Sometimes people have to go without bath for two r three days in a stretch. The government is requested to pay urgent attention to the inconvenience of the general public and ensure better and regular water supply.
Yours Sincerely,
Fasih Ahmed

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