Letter : To the Librarian explaining mislaid books

To the Librarian explaining you have mislaid the books yon borrowed
Examination Hall.
April 05, 2014
The Librarian,
Ghalib Library,
Dear Sir,
I am a regular member of your library with member ship Card No.12345 dated September 14th, 2000. Last Sunday I borrowed two books from you namely:
1. Zikr-e-Yar, Chale by Late Zafrul Ahsan.
2. Kya Qafla Jata I mi by Late Maharul Qadri.
I regret to inform that T have mislaid the hooks some where.
I, therefore, be obliged if you write to me the price of each of the above books so that I may pay you the same.
I, once again, regret for the loss of the books.
Yours Yours faithfully,
Shabnum Dilshad

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