Letter : To the editor attention to the admission problems students faced in university and colleges

To the editor drawing the attention of the authorities to the problems of admission faced by the students in the university and colleges in Karachi
13-485, Sector 11,
North Karachi,
April 14, 2014
The Editor,
The Daily Morning News,
Through these columns of your esteemed daily I wish to draw the attention of authorities to the problems of admission in the university and colleges by students in Karachi.
Students prefer to get admitted in a professional college first. Those, who fail to get admission in a professional college, prefer to get admission in the university. Those rejected by the university like o seek admission in a college.’ So as commonsense requires k, admission in professional colleges should be got completed first then in university and admission in colleges be completed in the Inst stage. But in order to create problems for students and their parents in Karachi, they start the admission in colleges first, then in the university and lastly in the professional colleges.
The Problem starts from this unwisely step. Students rush to get admission in colleges first ac they are not ‘ire of getting admission in law university or professional colleges. They rush from college to college, buy costly prospectuses and applications from each of colleges and apply. Since colleges are a few only, most of the students do not get admission in the colleges and have to discontinue their studies.
Now those who get admission in the university later, leave then colleges and their seats remains vacant. Similarly the seats of those University students, who get their admission in professional colleges, remain vacant. Had the authorities started the admission otherwise, these seats would have not remained vacant and considerable number of more students would have been accommodated.
The admission in the college first, followed by admission in university and then in professional college cost the parents much money as they have to pay fees at every stage.
Then the question of offering of subjects begins. Students arc given a fixed combinations of subjects and have to study subjects in which they are not interested. In the university too they are given subjects to study in which they are not interested.
Will the authorities take appropriate steps to remove these difficulties of the Karachi students?
Yours faithfully,
Shahid Imtiaz

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