Letter : To the friend invited you unable to keep your appointment

Buisness Letter
You have missed a party you had agreed to attend. A letter to the friend who had invited you, explaining why you were unable to keep your appointment.
Nisar Manzil,
April 01, 2014
Dear Ejaz,
I am extremely sorry for failing to be present at your birthday party last evening. But I feel certain that you will excuse my absence from the party after learning why I had to stay away from it.
I left home at 3.00 p.m. to be in good time for the train which was to have left our station for Ghas Mandi at 3.30 p.m. After an hour and a half’s journey, I could have arrived at Ghas Manhi at or about 5.00 pm. well ahead of your party which was to have started at 5.30. pm.
But when I had cycled nearly half way to the station, I saw a most horrible sight. Two cars had collided head on, and their drivers (luckily there were no passengers in the cars) were lying on the road bleeding profusely and writhing with pain. You know that I always keep my first-aid kit with me; therefore. I was able to give them fairly satisfactory fist-aid. Their bleeding ceased, and I gave them a drink from a clear and clean pool near the road. It being an unfrequented country-road, I could see no other vehicle or pedestrian on it, In the circumstances. I had no choice but to cycle up to police station, nearly two miles away, for help. There is, as you know, no hospital or dispensary in the area. So the only place where some help in such a case may be obtained is the police station.
It was nearly 6 p.m. when the police party arrived at the scene of the accident. The officer-in-charge was highly satisfied with the first-aid that I had given to the injured and told me that he would be recommending me for the award of a suitable reward.
The train had already arrived at the Mandi Chas railway station and there was no bus to be taken. Nevertheless I cycled up to the main road, and waited there for a bus or a taxi for over half an hour, but no bus or taxi came within that time. At last I returned home sorry to have missed your party, though I was glad that I had played some part in saving two lives.
I hope you will accept the enclosed packet as your birthday present from me; I had this with me yesterday. And, of course you will have to accept my hearty congratulations on the occasion of your birthday, and may sincere wishes for many returns of the day.
Your sincere friend.
Muzzammal Hussain.

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